Surrender to Your Center

illuminate your heart trail


I am Maya Goldweber

energy healer, artist, mantra warrior of love, + spiritual and self-love empowerment mentor.

I strive to consistently evolve and live from a space of love over fear through creativity, service and authentic self expression.


My purpose is to support and encourage you to connect to your intuitive heart space and infinite resource of self.


•breath work   •chanting   •visualizations

•simple movements  •energy locks

calmness, focus + connection


connect to your

intuitive heart space + infinite resource of self

Wild Love Mentor + Spiritual Guidance


   •be unapologetically you

   •connect to the primal + sensual warrior goddess within

   •cultivate body positivity, self- confidence + find your voice

   •heal past conditioning +stories that no longer serve you


•Mandala HealingTM   •Reiki  

•subtle body + chakra balancing

•energy + sound healing

anxiety + stress reduction, relaxation + healing

Radiant Body Yoga/Meditation

with roots in Kundalini, Bhakti+ Hatha traditions

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Let's connect over a Zoom video call and see how I can best meet your needs.

Unique blend of energy healing modalities. Private sessions held in studio located in Henrico, VA.

Self Love Empowerment Coaching and/or

Spiritual Guidance

1:1 weekly one hour sessions via Zoom video call

Private 1:1 session in Henrico studio space or Zoom video call from the comfort of your home

Discovery Call




  I was in the midst of post-partum anxiety, felt overwhelmed, and unsure about whether I would achieve some semblance of balance ever again in my life.  A stream of relentless internal chatter and preoccupations constantly filled my mind - never a moment of quiet.  And, then we took a hike together.   Maya asked if we could share a mantra.  Her voice filled the air and then, finally, after months and months of noise in my mind, I found my quiet, my peace.  She knew I'd been struggling and in that moment, gave me what an exhausted and desperate mother really needed: Calmness, and hope, because I knew that if I could feel that moment of quiet with her, then I could and would feel it again in my life.  Most importantly, Maya's compassion and love for me in that moment reminded me to be gentle on myself.  Maya modeled for me how to show myself love and compassion.  That seed planted the start of a better phase of motherhood in my life, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.


Mia H.

Been an especially rough few days for me and this was medicine for my soul. Thank you for somehow knowing this was something that would help me. Share your beautiful voice with me anytime you ever feel the impulse & know it will always be received with love & gratitude!

Michele K.

With her inspiration, motivation, and soothing mantras, Maya took me on a journey from my dark hiding spot out into the restorative sunshine. Maya guided me on a path to be less scared of who I am and to accept and enjoy myself instead. Looking forward to where the adventure will take me."

May K.

Mike M.

Being new to alternative healing, it’s been really great learning from someone who’s so passionate, caring and knowledgeable.


Prices Vary. Please contact for more information.

in studio 30 min. | $65

Zoom Video Call 30 min. | $45

in studio 60 min. | $95

Zoom Video Call 60 min. | $75

30 min. | $75

60 min. | $105

*optional luxury flower addition +$25

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