Maya Hope Goldweber

teacher, healer, artist, lightworker


My Purpose

I am here to support and encourage you

on your evolution of

healing, self love, and spiritual discovery.

Awaken to the power and wisdom that are already inside of you.


Come into your authenticity

through holistic energy healing, and ancient sacred meditation+ yogic practices.

Rewire harmful emotional patterning to heal and transform layers of self that no longer serve us.


All practices are accessible to anyone at any level.

Come home

to your intuitive heart center

and infinite resource of self.

Unleash the full expression of your energetic and creative potential

Discover balance, clarity, and

deep healing connection to your body


My Story

     Since early childhood, art has been my main creative outlet to authentically express myself. After earning my Masters degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, I worked as a cake decorator and taught Figure Painting and Life Drawing at Virginia Commonwealth University. I learned the most rewarding part of teaching is encouraging students to find full, honest self expression.

     Alongside these creative explorations, I experienced some major losses that would significantly change my life’s purpose. I'm convinced the stress of caregiving, and the grief of losing loved ones is how I first got sick. I remember living on autopilot for those I cared for. I gave all of my energy to them and work, but rarely gave the same attention to myself. It wasn't until all of that grief and self neglect caught up with me, when I faced my own health concerns, that

I knew I needed to love myself

at least as much as I loved others.

     Each loss and life challenge, renewed my gratitude and passion to live life fully. Yet right as I felt myself gaining traction, more life would happen, and multiple false starts later, I still struggled to thrive. I kept resisting life rather than leaning into it. At the peak of my illness, energy limited, I could no longer complete the high intensity workouts I was accustomed to. Defeated, I felt disconnected from my health and body.


     Chanting the sacred transformative sounds of Mantra became my anchor to healing and connecting to my higher self in a potent way. The connection stemmed from the bhakti, the flow of love and devotion, that I felt circle back to me tenfold with each practice. I noticed shifts more tangible than I expected.

 I began to feel and live in the flow of life and love rather than living from resistance or fear.  

     Practicing mantra also gave me the foundation to shift blocked energy and transition into a meditation and yoga practice rooted in Kundalini, Bhakti, Tantric and Hatha traditions.  Through these practices I was able to: turn my focus deeply inward, further connect to my highest core value of self, and achieve clarity and centering energy.




warrior goddess


     I learned to love myself fully and unconditionally while embracing practices that increased my intimate awareness and connection to my mind, creativity, sensuality, and spirituality.

     The charm and healing medicine of mantra is what first called me to study in India. I later returned for a 200 hour Radiant Body Yoga with my  beloved guru Kia Miller.


As I continue to deepen my life long practice and journey, I have learned that the balance of life has allowed me to continue to blossom. Without the deep pain of loss, I would not have found the unconditional love I know today. Without experiencing my weakness I would not have found my strength.

     Solo travel allowed me to deepen my practice from the silent wisdom that ached inside me and reverberated in the sacred landscapes. Alone in nature, I connected to a primal space of intensity, to my

My value of self

and self-love

became higher

than what I gave .

I became an infinite and sustainable resource independently.

I learned to trust

the strength in vulnerability and be open to fully receive love from myself and from others.


I embraced the fierceness + sweetness

to surrender to all that I needed to work through

with an intensity and fearlessness to heal and continually evolve.


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© 2019 Maya Hope Goldweber