Energy                    Healing


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”



   anxiety + stress reduction



        relaxation + healing       

   Healing sessions involve a unique blend of

  -Mandala Healing: intuitively developed method of healing that immerses you in the revitalizing and balancing energies of mandalas and sacred geometry.

  -Reiki: Universal energy healing using hands on and over the client’s body


 -Subtle Body and Chakra Balancing: through touch, breath, mantra and clearing blocks and allowing energy to flow through energy centers of the body


 -Sound Healing: using Thadobati and Crystal Singing Bowls,

Taal Indian Cymbals, sacred Mantra and sounding

Optional Luxury Flower add on
abundance of blossoms to encircle your entire body
*for Mandala Healing only                       $25
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