Come home to the essence of you


Breathe in this moment for you

Are this creative consciousness

Lover take your time

You are Pure Shakti

Lover take your time

Wild Love Self Love Empowerment Coaching + Spiritual Guidance

Root into yourself + universal energy as ONE
LET GO of old stories, identities and habits that no longer serve you

Commit 100% to fully loving you


Heal your connection to your body, mind + intuition.

                       Bring them back into union.                        

Let go of fear and self doubt. Release judgement, comparison and self criticism

Cultivate unconditional love for your body 

through empowering and nurturing self talk,

and practices to boost self-confidence + body positivity


Empower your inner wisdom + full expression of self

Be unapologetically you! Practice effective energetic and emotional boundaries.

Find your voice. Express your unique offering + purpose.



connect to the primal warrior goddess within you and
activate your creative + sensual energy




Come home

to the essence of you

I would be honored to support and encourage you on your journey of remembrance to all that you already are.  Contact below to schedule a free discovery call.

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© 2019 Maya Hope Goldweber